Solar Panel Maintenance

How To Care for your Solar Panels


Solar panel maintenance is important because insufficient care for solar panels can reduce the amount of energy that these panels generate for your home. Since a solar panel system needs to absorb energy from the sun, the most vital component of solar panel care is to keep the panels clean.

Here are some ways you can clean your panels:

  • The first (and easiest) way is to rinse of dust with a standard garden hose. If the panels seem to need a little more cleaning than the hose offers, a soft, spongy squeegee on a long pole (like the ones used to wash tall windows) can be used, along with some soapy water. Then use the hose to rinse off any excess suds.
  • If the panels are too high to reach without climbing up a ladder, it may be best to leave the cleaning for the professionals. Local solar panel cleaners are in abundance and a quick search online can yield a whole list of companies to choose from.
  • Avoid spraying cold water onto hot panels or you could risk cracking the