Off Grid

Own and Save your Energy, Feel the independence!!



Electricity is a commodity. It is bought, delivered and sold. Generating our own power by tapping sun's light, the natural source of our energy and turning it into electricity is safe and sustainable which can help you save money.

We make the transition easy with our affordable financial solutions

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Earlier it used to be so expensive to go solar for your home, that it took years to see a return on your investment (ROI). With much more efficient and less costly systems, the price of solar panels have dropped by approximately 50% since a decade. Tax credits, incentives, and utility company rebates further reduce cost and increases your savings thereby reducing the period of ROI. In fact, a solar panel system for your home can start saving you money the very first month.
Having a battery back up can open up new incentives for qualified systems from the utility to which can reduce the Net cost of the system.